Why We’re Here

The consequences for a family in crisis and/or a family without the economic means to secure proper legal counsel are often devastating with generational dysfunction being the result. The absence of fathers, children in chaos and mothers pinned to paths that more often than not lead to only two things – more pain and lack of hope for restoring balance to their family. And, therefore it is these consequences that our team is most committed to helping our clients overcome.

We are here to …

  • listen and make sure we understand what our clients ultimately want to achieve.
  • offer sound legal advice and guidance to our clients on all matters.
  • help our clients navigate the often overwhelming complexity of the legal system.
  • be absolute in responding to the needs of our clients.
  • help families restore balance.


Because we know a family adrift is a family at risk and that much of this risk can be addressed, softened and expertly navigated with the help of our team and the legal services we offer.