Director’s Message

Director’s Message

A 2020 Mid-Year Message from Our Executive Director:

Suspecting that most messages of this nature today will begin and end with references to the Coronavirus and our country’s and entire world’s struggles with its many challenges, I am at the same time reminded every day that while this pandemic is certainly one of our most pressing concerns that there is still other work that needs to be done – and people to be helped. People like those we help across the Lowcountry through providing free legal assistance, making access to justice possible for those who would otherwise not be able to get the representation they need to restore balance and hope to their families. 

When our judicial system fails to open its doors to those unable to secure proper counsel and representation, the impact on families and the institutional structures that are meant to support them deteriorate, causing trajectories of poverty, dysfunction and abuse. Having recently celebrated our twentieth anniversary, LCLV continues to stand as a reminder that equal access to justice is a right that we all share. 

Understanding that we are all now suffering under the weight of a pandemic for which we seem to have no answer and that there is a loss of civility in much of our public discourse, I would like us to remember that the scales of justice are still not entirely balanced. Organizations like ours continue to stand at the ready to tip those scales so that we can all take comfort in a system that treats each litigant with dignity and respect.

If you are in the position to support our work, please consider doing so. We remain prudent managers of our resources and tireless defenders of the rule of law.


Brad Zervas
Executive Director