Who We Are

For over two decades, Lowcountry Legal Volunteers has protected, defended and advocated for those that have struggled in silence for far too long – working on the frontlines and behind the scenes to offer our clients the competent and skilled legal services they deserve. We are here to provide sound counsel and create a pathway to fair representation for all. We are here to help our clients restore order in their lives and those of their children.

We are here to …

  • listen and make sure we understand what our clients ultimately want to achieve.
  • offer sound legal advice and guidance to our clients on all matters.
  • help our clients navigate the often overwhelming complexity of the legal system.
  • be absolute in responding to the needs of our clients.
  • help families restore balance.


Because we know a family adrift is a family at risk and that much of this risk can be addressed, softened and expertly navigated with the help of our team and the legal services we offer.