See Our Difference

See Our Difference

Personal & Profound Impact:

In the United States today, an estimated 80 percent of the legal needs of those near or below the federal poverty level go unmet. The Supreme Court has repeatedly identified access to the courts as a fundamental constitutional right, but a lack of affordable legal counsel has shattered the promise of this right for low-income individuals. While litigants of means can afford competent counsel to shepherd them through complex legal proceedings, litigants without such resources must typically navigate the court system alone. There is widespread consensus that this “justice gap” between those with the financial resources to secure counsel and the poor who cannot, and it is this gap that often threatens the credibility of the justice system and undermines the public confidence in the law.

Here’s How We’re Helping Making A Difference.

In 2019…

We served over 330 clients and impacted over 1,200 family members with the services provided.

Our volunteers provided 2,551 hours of administrative, legal and client support.

Our pro bono legal services to the community represented over 2 million dollars in value to our clients.

We held 13 legal clinics with the mandate to provide 50 clinics to the to the community over the next three years.

And, we began the 2020 calendar year with 95 active cases.